Monday, February 4, 2013

New Medium...
For months I have been considering giving oils a the urging of my husband, who gave me some oils for my December birthday, I jumped in...the first few days were iffy...the fumes from the paint and the Turpenoid were giving me a headache, even with my office window open and the 20 degree air flowing in...a few days later, it didn't seem to matter as much...perhaps I was used to it  or the affected brain cells were already any case, I completed two paintings. 
"Safe Harbor" 20 x 16 oil on canvas

"Square Boucicaut - Paris" 20 x 16 oil

I found my style was quite different, as the feel of the gooey paint was exhilirating!  The drying time however, was so...slow.....I realized that I needed to have a least six paintings in progress simultaneously to be able to productively work each day. While I also completed two small acrylic paintings of birds, these two oils were finished. 
"American Robin" 12x12 acrylic

"Winged in Yellow and Green" 6x6 acrylic

More to come!

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