Thursday, March 22, 2012


More Birds!

My mother-in-law shares my love of birds, so for Christmas I gave her four 6x6 acrylic paintings for her home.  They are such fun to paint and really add to our snowy Denver winter days indoors.


Last month a small local newspaper printed an article about the Lakewood Arts Council Gallery and our current show.  Accompanying the article was a photo of the bird on the limb painting (shown in my  previous blog entry). The painting attracted the attention of Al and Linda who came to the gallery to see the painting.  Discovering that it was too small for their dining room wall, they asked me to paint another, larger piece in a similar style.  I visited their beautiful home to see what they had in mind.  What I made for them is a 30 x 24 acrylic and shown below. I called it 'Bird Talk'.  And I made some wonderful friends!  Thanks, Al and Linda!

I've been also printing my own greeting cards from the photos of my work, which my husband diligently corrects for color.  Now I wish that my friends and I wrote and mailed more notes!

Long Time Coming...

Wow!  so much time has gone by..I must be more diligent.  I have been busy with both painting and architecture...experimenting with different styles.  See these from the last few months. Each is an acrylic 12" x 12".  I'm loving the patterns and contrasting borders.  It's hard to tell here, but when the acrylic work is finished, I add linework with a silver gel pen.  Kinda like doodling!