Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone

In June, several artists from the LAC, myself included, had a show at the gallery requiring each participating artist to specify up to three subjects, after which each artist had to select at least one topic from each artist to paint for the show.  This concept pushed most of us way out of our comfort zone, as we were allowed to interpret the topics as we deemed appropriate.  Subjects included architecture, fish, eggs, trees, wheels, and ribbons.  My results are shown below.  We all had such fun with this concept that we are having a repeat performance in October of 2013, with two additional artists and additional topics!  Watch for it!
16x20 acrylic

6x6 acrylic

12x12 acrylic

12x12 acrylic  "16 Wheeler"

16x20 acrylic

16x20 acrylic

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