Monday, August 1, 2011

Berries! and Cards...

18x24 acrylic
I've always liked berries...especially in a red and green color scheme...perhaps this one will become a Christmas card...speaking of cards, I will soon have lots of greeting cards at the LAC gallery, thanks to the technical help from my photographer and printer husband Scott...take a look!

Larger Work!

A few months ago I mentioned to my friend (and talented artist) Kathy Berl,s that I needed to paint larger...6x6's were not where I wanted to go...and she graciously offered me an extra canvas she had (32 x 42) and said she was anxious to see what I would do with it! (no pressure there!) Wow..that's a lot of blank canvas space..but I used a few reference photos from an April visit to South Carolina, when the azaleas were in full bloom and loaded with is the result!

Summer in full swing!

Time flies!  and I've been garden is in need of a good trim,- it is so overgrown...but is wonderful to paint..lots of new plants and ideas about plants for next year...some of my latest work is below...

These are 12x12 acrylics.I've decided that the 6x6's  are too small...these are from flowers seen at the annual LAC Garden tour...always fun to check out other gardens!