Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Recently I decided that I should develop a real mosaic technique, not just painting mosaics...SO....I started collecting real tile scraps, smashing dinner plates, and keeping my eyes open for interesting materials to of the first finds was a lazy susan from Goodwill...just perfect for mosaics! Using the opalescent stained glass scraps that I had from many years ago, I completed the lazy susan...and used small metal beads for the birds' wings! Fun!

Lots Going On...

A lot is going on these days, I just cannot keep up with writing about it...this is my latest painting before I decided to do more glass mosaics...and here is the glass mosaic that I completed in May as a wedding gift for my niece.
After that visit to South Carolina for her wedding, I have lots of reference photos of lush vegetation, geraniums, and magnolias! I'll be sitting at the LAC Gallery on Monday June 14, so I'll work then to get back in the swing of things! Note that the Artists Choice Exhibit is now running at the Lakewood Cultural Center...lots of great artwork to see! It closes on June 18th...see it now!