Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Big Gap

Now let me explain the reason for the absence from my blog...Last fall I responded to a request for proposals for hanging artwork in the center atrium of the Westminster Recreation Center, north of Denver...they were remodeling the pool area and wanted to have some art as part of the re-dedication...long story short, I won the commission..and have been painting ever since! the proposal involved 4 black fabric banners, each 4' x 12' and depicting a different Colorado season...painted with acrylic in the mosiac stlye of my smaller banners, it's been a real learning experience (finding UV resistant fabric with a fire rating, for one) ...I am now working on the final banner (winter), with the hanging intallation to be scheduled in late February...working on my 4' wide drawing board in my office/studio I roll each banner as I paint each panel. As each banner is complete, I take it to the LAC gallery to get an overall look by hanging it from our upper gallery railing...these photos indicate roughly how they will be seen when installed. These pics are the fall and spring seasons...I will soon post the summer banner...Now, back to painting!