Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mountain Ash Tree

This most recent acrylic painting (18 x 24) is of my front yard ash tree, with the berries just forming...the idea was to paint another branch later in the season when the berries turned red and orange...I'll need to find some other ash tree, as there are no leaves or berries left on mine (hail!) I love the high light/shadow contrast and the greens, of course...

Apple Tree

I have been fascinated with foliage recently - this is a branch from my apple tree with a single apple that the squirrels have left...unfortunately as of this post, the real tree has no leaves or apples because of last week's hail storm. I'm glad I captured it when I did! This acrylic painting is 16x20.

Figure drawing workshop

Today I attended a great figure drawing workshop at the LAC taught by Teddy Schmedeke Lee...she was a great teacher and encourager and we all left feeling as though we could now begin to draw people more realistically! that's always been a tough task for me, but I will continue to practice what I've learned and soon there wil be some figures incorporated in my paintings!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Garden No Longer

Wow - what a storm Monday night...the hail effectively eliminated all my painting source material...patio pots are little nubs, no more grape vines, which were loaded with grapes...and yard plants are mowed to the ground...will have to travel to see blooming plants...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Color is popping out!

This is my latest painting...24" x 18" acrylic...of geraniums and African Daisies...African Daisies are some of my favorites..they have a colorful center and the front and back of each petal are different colors! This bunch is from a pot on my patio.

From the garden tour...

This water lily is one of my newest paintings...acrylic 24" x 18". Its inspiration was from a backyard pond on the Lakewood Arts Council Garden tour recently...enjoy!